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Rodents Can Pose A Health Threat

Serious health issues can be caused by mouse droppings and urine that contaminate food preparation areas. Rats can do serious damage to your property and are known as frequent carriers of disease. Bats can also spread diseases to humans through their saliva and secretions as well as through bites. If you think you may have a rodent problem don’t wait for a full infestation – call us today.



A house mouse has large ears and is light brown to dark grey, with a lighter colour on its belly. They are frequently found in urban locations. A deer mouse is brown or grey with a white belly and feet. The underside of a deer mouse’s tail is white which makes it easy to identify. They often enter buildings near fields and woodlands in the fall.

  • Treatment comes with a 6-month guarantee.
  • Product causes mice to die outside.
  • After 21 days, the entry points will need to closed.


Bats are not much bigger than a house mouse. The two most common Canadian species are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. They are quite helpful in controlling mosquitoes but when they invade buildings and homes they become a nuisance. Bats also carry parasites and the smell from their droppings and urine can be a problem.

  • Treatment price depends on the specific situation.
  • An assessment must be made before a price can be given.


Rats are larger than mice and can weigh up to 0.5 kilograms (1 pound). Norway rats and roof rats are the most common types and look similar. Norway rats are most likely to be found in damp areas like crawl spaces or building perimeters. Roof rats are good climbers and will infest attics, rafters, or roofs, and upper stories of buildings.

  • Outside bait stations are $60.00 EACH
  • Guarantee period depends on the job. Most jobs have a 3-month guarantee.

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