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Crawling Insects & Spiders

Fleas, Potato Bugs, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Spiders
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Crawling Insect Pests May Be Annoying, Harmful or Damaging

To get rid of many common insect pests, you may need professional help. You may also need help to identify less common insects that have become a problem. Call us to talk about your specific issues and let us design a custom solution for you.


Cockroaches can contaminate food and spread disease by walking over, and excreting on, food or food preparation areas after having travelled through garbage and/or sewers. People with asthma may have a negative reaction to their droppings and body parts. They are particularly fond of living in restaurants, food processing facilities, hotel rooms, and nursing homes.

We exterminate all the common cockroaches found in Canada:

  • Wood Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches


Some of the spiders commonly found in Canadian homes include house spiders, wolf spiders, cellar spiders, fishing spiders, and (occasionally) black widow spiders. They are usually in room corners, closets, boxes, dark crevices, basements, garages, and gardens. If the infestation in your house or garden is bad, the right pesticide can help regain control.

  • Months of service are May, July, and September.
  • NO Guarantee on the outside.
  • If the inside is done, there is an additional charge and a 3-month guarantee, only if the outside is done at the same time.

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Fleas may transmit disease and parasites. A serious infestation requires a professional solution.

Due to chemicals, children under 2 years old should be away for the night.

Potato Bugs

Potato bugs can strip a potato field bare. They are the most destructive potato crop pest in Canada. They are easily identified by the five bold, brown stripes running down the back of their 1 cm long bodies.

  • Price depends on the size of the area to be treated.
  • Price includes inside spray.


Earwigs are about 1.5 to 2.0 cm and have a long, flat body with a tough, shiny, reddish-brown hard outer shell and prominent pincers (or forceps) at the end of their bodies. In June or July they may enter your home and find their way into your food and clothes. When earwigs become a persistent problem, treatment with an insecticide may be the best solution.

  • Treatment price depends on the square footage of the area.
  • Includes both inside and outside treatment.